Professional Bio


Tricia Pariag-Sadko is a Manual Osteopath and Reiki Practitioner with a background in Human Resources Management (HRM) with a focus on coaching, program development, education and facilitation. In her early years, Tricia pursued education in Social Work where her passion and love for helping people became evident. After years of working with people in the HR capacity and then moving into management, she knew the frontline is where she needed to be. Her interest in health sciences, coupled with a quest for a deeper spiritual connection and desire to help others led her to Osteopathy and Reiki.  Now with her Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice and Reiki Practitioner designation, coupled with her experience as an HR professional, she is determined and equipped to help others on their journey to better health in all aspects – mind, body, and spirit.

Tricia Sadko