I created Healology Wellness on the commitment to total health and the wellbeing of every client, and the core principle of bringing balance and alignment back to your life – mind, body, soul.

Healology Wellness is based on 3 principles:

If we can allow ourselves to show up as we are there is a better chance of healing taking place. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable removes restrictions caused by underlying tensions in the mind and body. I want you to feel safe in the space we create together. This will encourage optimal healing, freedom and growth.

It’s a journey any way you look at it. Some days will be better than others. You will have moments of doubt in the process. You might ask yourself, is this helping? Why am I here when I should be (fill in the blank)? Having faith in the journey is key. There is nothing to be learned about yourself if you’re moving in a straight line. So let’s make it bumpy and take the adventure together.

Easy to say, and difficult to do. We are ingrained in a society where perfection seems to be the goal, and we’re always searching for the next quick fix to make us look and feel better, usually with emphasis on the physical. But at what cost? There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best versions of ourselves but we need to love ourselves unconditionally. Forget the fad diets, filters, and trying to keep up with the Joneses. Those are temporary solutions. Find those imperfections and learn to appreciate them. Those are the unique nuances that make us who we are. Love yourself and invest in feeling good long-term by caring for yourself from the inside out.