I know what it’s like to feel like you are dragging your way through life – not fulfilled and not feeling vital and healthy.

After many years in the corporate world, I was burnt out. I had worked my butt off to attain management, but was feeling unfulfilled by my work. I forced myself to stick it out every day just to maintain the life I knew best. It became a huge struggle for me until I could no longer ignore the signs. Depending on your perspective, the universe, God or whatever higher power you hold dear intervened and gave me no choice in the matter.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, my father had a freak accident, I witnessed the mental and emotional breakdown of someone close to me and then then my aunt – also my godmother and mentor – passed away unexpectedly. This all put me in a tailspin.


I began to reflect and examine the things that mattered most. And, it was on this journey that I realized I needed ‘Me’ back. I had lost myself in the craziness of life and all that had happened. I felt as though the walls were closing in on me and I did not know how to escape. I began searching for answers to some of life’s biggest questions – Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my passion? 

I always knew I wanted to help people, which is why in my early years I pursued education in social work. Somehow, along the way I got clouded by money and status and ended up in a very different direction, pursuing a 15-year HR career in a corporate setting. While my job allowed me to train, facilitate, and coach in the hospital, which I did enjoy, the years of management, strategy and projects caused me to disconnect from the things that truly brought me happiness.

I found Reiki first, and learned about this to aid in my own healing. I used the practice daily to help ground myself and affirm all the blessings I seemed to have forgotten about. After years of stress, bad posture, ergonomics and discomfort in my body, I realized then when we ignore our intuitive nudges, those ‘nudges’ manifest in the body. 

In an effort to heal my body, I found osteopathy. Again, looking for relief in the physical sense, I visited an osteopath who did wonders for me in my time of pain.

The two practices together, osteopathy and Reiki, proved to be very powerful indeed. These tools aided in my recovery and the rediscovery of myself. Witnessing the changes in my own life inspired me to seek the requisite training to be able to provide these same resources and comfort to others. 

Today, I combine the years of personal development training and skills from my HR background with the healing arts of osteopathy and Reiki to facilitate life-changing shifts in my clients health and wellbeing, creating true wellness of the mind, body, and soul.