At Healology Wellness the goal is to help you create space and time to tap into the emotional zone and generate true well-being.  Treatments create moments of magic that force you to pause, appreciate and focus on restoring balance physically, mentally and spiritually.


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Healology Wellness

It always puzzles me that when we talk about healing we often compartmentalize the different components of our experience: physical, emotional, spiritual and so on. We will go to the gym and think we are doing enough physically; or go for a massage and call that the time we owe back to ourselves; or meditate and think it will solve all life’s problems.

Healing, though, is multi-dimensional. Therefore, combining multiple modalities can offer a powerful punch in the way of wellness, and offer more long lasting effects.

It is so easy to get distracted from our inner voice, with the crazy demands, of work, kids, finances, aging, illness, family/friends and just keeping up with the Joneses. Add social media and all the apps and devices we are connected to that dictate our every move, and it is no wonder we are feeling burned out, exhausted and always looking for the next quick fix.

From osteopathic wellness treatments to the energy healing that comes from Reiki – you are covered. In addition, Aura Photography and Aura readings can supply you with great insights about where your energies might be stuck. It’s also a great visual keepsake and a reminder of the vibrancy and wonderful gifts you bring to the world. At Healology Wellness, all treatments and services are geared towards helping you to regain energy, health and wellbeing – mind, body and soul.